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About Us

The Whipp is a newsletter focused on women's health and policy issues. Written by two healthcare reporters, our content brings critical health policy news, research and information to women with a personal and engaging touch.


We are a women-owned media group focused exclusively on women’s healthcare news in America. We aim to be a leader in editorial standards with our reporting and provide a service that is easily digestible for American women to make informed decisions in the electorate, in the workplace or at home.

The Whipp is owned and operated by Whipp Media Group, LLC.

Women's Health News

Follow The Whipp to find the latest health news specific to women, from clinical studies to global health trends.

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Women in power

Find out more about the leaders making decisions for women in America. The Whipp spotlights women in power across health care and politics.

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Policy and politics

We help our readers breeze through complex policy related to women's health with down-to-Mars stories and approachable political discussions.

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From time to time, we'll publish thoughtful essays reflecting on personal experiences in relation to policies, politics and leadership. 

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Meet The Team

Subrata Barot Thakar headshot
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Subrata Barot Thakar

Co-founder, Publisher

and Executive Director

Subrata Barot Thakar has more than 14 years of journalism and healthcare public relations experience. 


Thakar co-founded WHIPP Media Group after seeing the need for a publication committed to women’s health and how government policies impact women’s healthcare choices and decisions. 


In addition to being a wife and mother to a wonderful baby, Thakar likes delving in amateur photography, traveling, reading, cooking delicious vegetarian recipes and baking sweet confections. Her advice to women is to be game changers, support and empower other women and strive for excellence. 

Amy Baxter headshot

Amy Baxter

Co-founder and Editor

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Amy Baxter has seven years of experience in digital media, specializing in healthcare business reporting and editing since 2015. 


Baxter is a healthcare policy nerd, with a focus on regulation and legislation. She partnered with Thakar after being laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to continue bringing important healthcare stories to light.

An unequivocal feminist, Baxter's first love is the water, and she races sailboats all over the U.S. Fun fact: she sailed 333 miles across Lake Michigan in the Chicago Yacht Club "Race to Mackinac."

Our Mission

WHIPP Media Group serves to inform and engage women about important healthcare news and policy developments. Our journalism aims to advocate for women’s health and inspire new conversations at home.

our vision

We desire to see an American healthcare system that prioritizes the health and wellness of women and respects a woman’s right to choose. We will revolutionize how women’s healthcare news is consumed and considered in everyday life.

our values

  • Pro-choice

  • Healthcare parity

  • Feminist

  • Inclusive

  • Journalistic Integrity

  • Respect

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